Monday, 11 January 2010

a Blog

I am led to believe that the main purpose of a blog is to communicate.  If so, that takes somebody to be willing to read what I am writing, and for that I thank you.  Since you've already gone to the effort of reading the last 46 words I feel it only fair that   I should start by being honest.  The main reason for starting this blog is that it should make my photo website appear on google searches more easily.  So in many ways, it's just shameless self promotion.

To that end I feel it only right to post the first link to my website....that way it's over and done with....out of the way.  So here it is:

As a thank you, here's a picture of a cute meerkat.  Simples. (more to follow about adventures comparing meerkats in the Kalahari I'm sure)

And just so you don't think this is a completely cynical exercise, I will keep this up to date, put up some photos from round and about, and generally keep you informed.  I can tell you're interested.  Honest.


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