Thursday, 14 January 2010

Something I thought about on the train

So, for those reading this blog in the UK you're bound to have been affected by the particular winter'ish-ness' of the past two weeks weather.  For me the main impact has been felt on a couple of trips to London.  It's been a case of grabbing a train when I can to get there, and getting back to Kings Cross as early as possible to try and get a train back up to Leeds.  It's not been so bad really, I've been blessed in making it home on these occasions, which is much better than some.

It has given me the opportunity to think though, and one of my musings was over old photographs taken on the first digital camera I owned...a little 2 MP affair, probably lost somewhere in the student's union in Cardiff in 2003.  The photo from that camera which sticks in my mind is this photo of graffiti in Barcelona.  Interesting graffiti has always captured my imagination and it's got me thinking I should have a trawl back through the archives and see if there isn't the makings of a project there!

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